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Commission-free shipping

Stop paying brokers 30% for every shipment

Get an instant broker-free quote

And hello to the future of supply chain

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Get an instant commission-free quote


It's reliable

In the shipping industry, reliability is even more important than pricing and mistakes can mean the difference between a profit and a loss.

Our team has built a state-of-the-art technology that empowers every carrier to provide the best possible service, no matter the business size.

It's transparent

DNA-level transparency for your entire supply chain in one platform.

No black boxes, no hidden information anymore. 

Stay on top of your supply chain, get any information at any time, from practically anywhere.

Upfront Pricing

We created the most powerful platform that simplified the supply chain process. 

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Ship in 48 states

Full Truckload

and don't pay brokers anymore

Haul in 48 states


Power Only

Dry Van


It's broker-free

The way shipping should be


Create an account to get started. It only takes a few moments to join.


A couple of clicks and you can create a shipment. Alternatively, upload the file and our system will generate shipment itself.


From matching with vetted carriers to tracking, billing, all paperwork and everything else that comes with securely shipping your loads. With zero-commission. 


Tired of paying brokerage fees?

We can help you!

Sign up now for early access to Zerobroker: a broker-free shipping platform.

and ship broker-free

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Zerobroker is built by a team of data scientists, designers, transportation and software engineers in California.

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