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Director of Data Science

Every single thing that you buy was shipped. How things are shipped affects how we live and how we behave. And the trucking industry is the very lifeblood of the global economy. 

At Zerobroker, we have set out to create a logistics system working at zero waste, without any middlemen and with perfect timing. We use the most innovative technologies to create the future today. We are transforming the $800 billion trucking industry and making freight shipping broker-free. And we’d like your help.

The ideal candidate is a critical thinker with experience and background in the transportation domain, passionate about solving mathematical and pricing problems with data, and is excited about working in a fast-paced, innovative and collaborative environment.


  • Day to day working with Data Scientists, Product Managers, clients to frame a problem, both mathematically and within the business context

  • Perform exploratory data analysis to gain a deeper understanding of the problem

  • Construct and fit statistical, machine learning and optimization models

  • Utilize commonly used computing and database environments to get the data that you need and implement a working prototype of the formulated model.

  • Make intelligent approximations to the model if required to make it scalable.

  • Analyze experimental and observational data; communicate findings; facilitate launch decisions

  • Identify data sources that could be used to test assumptions and perform experiments.



  • 6+ years of Data Science/ ML  experience

  • Proven track record of developing algorithms for recommendation or prediction systems using languages and big data platforms such as Go, Scala, Python, Java, Spark, and Hadoop

  • Experience working in an agile software development environment

  • Passion for solving unstructured and non-standard mathematical and behavioral problems

  • End-to-end experience with data, including querying, aggregation, analysis, and visualization

  • Experience implementing machine learning algorithms

  • Excellent communication and presentation skills, being able to explain complex problems and the solutions applied, feeling comfortable in being part of the sales process, supporting the sales team, engaging with customers and presenting technical solutions to a nontechnical audience

  • Self-starter with a passion for your work, attention to detail, and a positive attitude

  • Team player, willingness to collaborate and communicate with others to solve a problem.



M.S. or Ph.D. in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science or other related disciplines with at least 3 years of experience

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