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Welcome to Zerobroker!

Zerobroker started with the idea that technology can cut freight brokerage and streamline the supply chain with significantly less overhead.

We cut out the fat that makes shipping costly - no brokerage fees, no manual account management, no endless spreadsheets, emails and phone calls that come with freight brokers.


In the meantime, we help companies to become "green" by reducing empty miles, moving loads with electric or near-zero emission trucks and entirely digitalizing paperwork.

The way shipping should be




We constantly monitor:

- Carrier operating authority, - Safety rating, - Insurance, - On-time maintenances, - Truck drivers' driving style, and many more to make sure that carriers can provide reliable service to you.

We increased the industry safety bar by constantly monitoring carriers' performance and making sure that every carrier, no matter of their size, can provide world-class service to you.

No black boxes, no hidden information anymore. Stay on top of your supply chain, get any information at any time, from practically anywhere.  

DNA level transparency:

- Upfront pricing, - Market analisys, - Supply chain insights, - Full information about carriers, - Real-time tracking for your each and every shipment, even how much carrier get paid and why.

No brokers.

No brokerage commissions. 

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Platform benefits

No brokerage fee

Growing carrier network

24/7 customer support

Green shipping

Instant quotes and booking

Real-time freight management

2-week visibility on pricing

Supply chain insights

Ship in 48 states

Full Truckload

It's simple

We created the most powerful platform that simplified the supply chain process. 

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Go Green

Save the Planet

With us you can make your supply chain Green by shipping your loads with near-zero-emission or fully electric trucks.  

*The service is currently available in CA, with 300+ trucks.